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Ok, I'm heading to Ubercon (October 14-16). Is anyone else thinking, contemplating, planning on going?

I'm looking to run a gaming event. It is strongly looking like it'll be Cyberpunk 2020. Steph and I are talking about running it together...we'll see what happens there.

I have my story, I just gotta get all the shit in order now. If anyone else is thinking about going, please lemme know.

Also, Cam told me about Will being interested in buying some of my D&D books, if anyone else is interested, please tell me. I'm very interested in getting rid of them. The only ones I'm not selling are the following:
Player's Handbook, DM Guide, Monster Manuals 1 thru 3

Thanks everyone for your time, btw, I'm gonna be trying to get Blade And Bullet T-shirts made up before Ubercon. Hopefully there's still some interest there.

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