Dave Simpson (1knighthawk) wrote in bladeandbullet,
Dave Simpson

Sorry I haven't posted in ages!

Hey guys, for those who don't know (or don't care) I thought I'd let ya know what I've been up to:
1) I'm working at a local movie theater these days. It don't pay much, but honestly, the tech-experience is good.
2) I'm moving up in the film/video production world! I'm working for Graysky Films now, filming games!
3) I'm the head of R. Talsorian Games' demo team (not to mention its creator/founder). I'm looking to get Blade and Bullet recognized as an official testing group.
4) I'm looking at getting some of my poetry published (for sale).

Aside from that, I think that's about it!

How is everyone else doing?
What is going on with the Cyberpunk game? (if you want me to stop asking, please say so)
If there's no game (ever) please lemme know, I'm seeing about getting a MEKTON game going around here.

If anyone would like to speak up, and let us know how yer do'n, please do!

Love, very much so, and more than you could ever realize,
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