Dave Simpson (1knighthawk) wrote in bladeandbullet,
Dave Simpson

Broken Continent in the works? FUCK YEAH!

Guys, I'm proud to announce that the long fabled "BROKEN CONTINENT" is indeed in the works. I'm writing up a prototype of it now. I'm basing it on the Fuzion rules set. Even better? R. Talsorian, once Cyberpunk and Gundam are well underway, will talk with me regarding it's addition to the repitior of Fuzion / RTG games :)

I'm hoping to have enough done that I can run a demo at Ubercon or even Dreamation and start testing it out.

Also, I've got a copy of Mekton Zeta in the mail to me now. Hopefully we can all get together and play it a bit some time.

Also, for Alan, I've gotten a copy of the "Cyberpunk 2020 - Fuzion" Plug-in. if you want, I can mail you a copy. Lemme know.

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